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With DownloadHelper not working I have been looking for an alternative that works. I’m pleased to say this works really well! Thanks :)

Though the interface is very odd and really confused me for a long time. There are two options: "Quick Download" and "Download Links". The option that any normal person would use is "Download Links". You simply click it to see what choices of download you have, then choose one. That couldn't be easier.

However, if you want to use the other option, "Quick Download", it's not quick at all because it means you have to 1) First click on the "download links" option to see what resolutions and file formats are available, and then 2) Manually set the resolution and file format in the settings.

The interface is also confusing because the manual settings for resolution and file format are placed in a position that makes it look like they always apply. When in fact they only apply if you are using the weird "Quick Download" option.

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