Still this problem of not getting the expand option working. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I sent you (the developer) my current list of Firefox add-ons. I use Firefox 9.0 (the latest) and Windows 7 Ultimate.

Despite trying many things, I still have this youtube high definition add-on that does not work only for the expand option. Each time I start my computer, when I check a video on youtube, it always shows in the shrunk mode, not in the expand mode despite the fact that I have set this add-on to show videos at the highest resolution with the expand window option.

It is my hope you will find why it does not work with my particular configuration (and with the current list of Firefox add-ons that I have and that I sent you by email at your personal email address)!!

I add that it is only the expand option that does not work, the highest definition option seems to work fine right when I first start a video.

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