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  • Was looking for a pause and next button, maybe more practical then the player.
  • No way to customise the settings, I've been looking everywhere and couldn't find them anywhere.
  • NO option to disable DASH playback.
  • Where is the volume control button? Youtube make's me crazy with his LOUD advertising before each video.
  • This is a great extension, you can pause videos from another window or tab, but it messes with more than 1 youtube tab playing
  • SI
  • Great extension. I want extension link www.flashseotool.com .. please develop like this
  • It simply does not work. autoplay does not stop
  • ***Update***

    I have to reset the options every time I go to YouTube. I need something that will kick in as soon I get there.

    I saw somewhere that YouTube updated its platform. I hate to take away stars because it was perfect when I got it. It's just not keeping YouTube on a leash anymore. :-(

    Exactly what I need! The thing I need most is to stop the video from using my data when the video loads. Thanks so much!