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I don't get it. All these great reviews? This thing is unintelligible.

The first thing I noticed was the unpredictable occurrence of unwanted multiple highlighting. Sometime mere selection of a word highlights it; sometimes not. Sometimes all instances of that word get highlighted, sometimes just the once. Hello???

Next up: choosing a highlight color doesn't stick: every new page you navigate to reverts to the hideous default yellow.

And - worst of all, IMO - if there is a way to delete all the highlighting at once, I can't find it.

Actually I actively dislike this thing - something I never thought I would say about a browser add-on.

So many other options are unavailable for v3.6.6. Here's what I really was looking for: something very much simpler, a tool like that in good old Word, that toggles on/off with a toolbar button and highlights text with one user selected, sticking, color. And a way to undo all of same on a page. Personally I have zero need or desire to retain my highlighting, share it on the web, email it to anyone else, etc. Please, somebody... "Yooper Lite"