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  • Not compatible with firefox Quantum.
    Please update 57+ !!
  • YASS does a fine job, so, thank you!

    Only one issue: on Deezer, clicking to add a song to a playlist, they load a small window in which we scroll to choose which playlist the song is added to. But with YASS' help, it scrolls so much playlist names move into and out of sight without *stopping* in the visibility zone. Not much one can do about it I guess, it requires to click their scroll bar's vertical column manually.

    I wanted to ask, can we migrate the old version's preferences into the WebExtension new version?
  • Extension sympathique et à jour qui fait ce qu'on attend d'elle. Le surf en est plus agréable.
  • Nice
  • makes the scrolling experience in linux pleasurable, almost as good as in mac OS
  • Не работает на firefox 53
  • Please update. Can not work correctly in firefox 53.0
  • фф 53 : после переустановки и обновления фф , аддон перестал работать. Настройка вообще не реагирует. что теперь делать ...? (((
  • Smooth scroll will cause Mac trackpad moving with a crazy acceleration.
    Please add a option for disable smooth scrolling with trackpad.
  • Нашел альтернативу, которая дала очень плавный приятный скрол, без всяких лагов.

  • A must have !
  • Improved firefox for a few days but now back to square one.
  • Спасибо, очень классный аддон, как это он мне раньше не попался!
  • Thank you for the addon, it works like a charm
  • Seriously, this made my life sooooo much better.
  • nice addon.
  • I use it for long and now i can't do without it!
    However, i feel it's too shame the removal of status bar icon in this version..
    I expected to be fixed in a newer version than to be removed..
    Firefox may not have any more a native status bar, but there are two popular
    extensions which restore very successfully this feature: "Status-4-Evar" and
    "Classic Theme Restorer".
    For me, the status bar icon is more useful than toolbar button, to watch if the
    extension works properly. Also, the visual effect in the icon is very cute!
    Please restore it ! ! !
  • Очень прекрасно и приятно работает,очень рекомендую каждому!!
  • If web page is just couple percents bigger than window then any scrolling will cause endless page shaking by this extension.

    Trello.com cards layout are totaly broken if you try to use them with this extension.
  • The latest update seems to have fixed the addon for me. I'll post back if there's any other issues. Thanks a lot for working on it. :)
  • Statusbar indicator he does not work,empty.
    I use it Firefox 64 bit 44.02 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit 4 GB Ram, + addons Classic Theme Restorer
    I like to use, almost perfect.
  • Very Useful
  • The main smooth scrolling was working perfectly, but as it has been written before, Scroll boxes, some comments sections, text boxes, Youtube notifications, all these child elements are not working with this add-on.
    So it's useless.
  • Good with the touchpad, but bad with the touchscreen (flicking the page stops instantly after lifting the finger).

    For REALLY mind-blowing scrolling, try the new Microsoft Edge Browser :(
  • I wish it worked.

    Scrolling is excellent, I love the fact that I can flick faster by muscling the wheel, and it's pretty good, BUT it has too many things wrong with it.

    Scroll boxes, some comments sections, text boxes, Youtube notifications, all refuse to scroll, instead scrolling the page.

    I'm too used to the niceties of FFx to give up localized scrolling. Also, the bouncy edge doesn't render backgrounds, but renders elements, which is kinda ugly.

    I don't know if there is a way to fix it. And since the dev didn't include a fast on/off (that I could find) I'm afraid it will stay disabled.

    4/5 because it's a great addon, it works, and I like it. Unfortunately, no, thanks.