Great concept - buggy implementation Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

Had it worked properly I'd have given it 5 stars. Unfortunately it is consistently buggy. I've changed computers and it keeps on not working properly, and I've tried to use this plugin for many years now! I REALLY want it to work. A specific problem is that the synching "keeps on synching" until your eventually forced to halt it. The result on a new computer/FF is that you get the bookmark folder strucutre and many bookmarks... but many folders are simply left empty. I was about to give award it 3 stars but must reduce it to two because that kind of "semi-working" makes it even more unpredictable than not working at all. You don't know what you're getting and the purpose is simply lost.Please make it work properly and I'll give 5 stars in a blink!

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