Works with OwnCloud through WebDAV (not using Xmarks servers) Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I am new to Xmarks starting with version 4.2.0, which just upgraded to 4.2.1. I use Xmarks because it is the only solution I know which will sync through my OwnCloud 5.0.6 server, using a user defined "bookmarks.txt" file kept in the server WebDAV file area.

First impressions, 4.2.0 is a little rough. On new installs it sometimes can't complete. The solution so far is to force a "download" from the server. Once matched, it seems to stay synced.

Xmarks 4.2.1 is so far more stable, but still not perfect. I just put a new Xmarks 4.2.1 install on an existing machine with a lot of existing bookmarks. It stopped once, telling me "repair" is only available on Xmarks servers along with the message "Xmarks detected an error while synchronizing your bookmarks. Downloading the current snapshot from the server usually fixes this, but will cause you to lose any local changes that have not been synchronized. Would you like to perform a download?" At this point you can tell Firefox Bookmark Manager to make a backup copy of your existing bookmarks prior to allowing Xmarks to wipe them out.

This error pretty much sums it up. Once synchronized it seems to work well enough for me. Keep in mind I have limited experience with this tool to date.

Xmarks 4.2.1 is so far working with OwnCloud 5.0.6 Server using HTTPS encryption, to communicate with Firefox clients under OpenSUSE 12.2 x64/Firefox 20, 12.3 x64/Firefox 21, MS-Windows 7 x64/Firefox 21, MS-Windows Vista x64/Firefox 21, MS-Windows XP-SP3/Firefox 20&21. Xmarks does require Firefox 14 or higher to operate. The "Use your own server" feature isn't available in the MSIE or Chrome/Chromium editions.

I'm looking forward to more stability in future releases. So far it's working well enough for me to continue using. I do wish it could sync with my OwnCloud built-in Bookmarks feature. But synchronizing all my other platforms is good enough for now.

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