XMARKS is a messy Add on Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

I have read the reviews. There is something very wrong in the FIREFOX browser add on that just will not work. The error message says I may be running with proxy - NO proxy setting here. Then it says it cannot log in. My FF browser is locked up and useless with a small bar that wants me to LOGIN into XMARKS. Well I am logged in. The anture of this problem seems a missing issue in the troubleshooting questions and notes. There is some far too simplistic information there based on my problem and that of others based on the awful reviews I have read. I now have put FF in safe mode, will disable this Add ON and forget I ever tried to sync my bookmarks across three browsers on two laptops and would love to do so for my iPad and iPhone. There has to be another app or Add on that can do this without taking out my hair.

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