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I truly love the _idea_ of XMarks; so much so that I've been a paying customer since it became a "Premium" service.

Unfortunately, it seems that there isn't much quality control or care going into it these days.

I really love the profile feature, but many times, suddenly out of nowhere, bookmarks will mysteriously jump into other profiles without me doing a thing. This has become such a huge problem that I will need to dedicate several hours of my time on the management site to straighten the profiles all out. Did I mention that I'm paying for this service?

Then there are the recent problems many people, including myself, are having with XMarks syncing in Firefox 14, causing FF to infinitely hang, etc.

Lastly, the addons they have developed for mobile browsers like Dolphin HD (Android) are so incredibly limited, I wonder why the even bother. My biggest gripe is that if I want to create a bookmark in Dolphin HD, and I want to put it into a folder that already exists in my Xmarks profile, I have to manually select the URL, exit the browser, go into the SEPARATE XMarks app, navigate to the folder, then MANUALLY add a new bookmark, paste the URL, etc. It's a major pain in the *ahem* neck... It seems to me that the addon doesn't really serve much purpose at all.

One of the really GOOD things about XMarks is its ubiquity, which gave rise to a very large community of well-informed end users. Just having browsed only a few of the latest comments here, I've found couple of potential solutions to some of the issues I've mentioned. Thanks to all of you whom have been willing to so readily share your knowledge.

That about wraps it up for my XMarks rant. I hope the developers see the issues raised in our comments here and act upon them to better the product. XMarks is conceptually a really great thing. I would hate to see it stagnate and become mediocre abandon-ware that slips away into tragic software history.

- The Terrance

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