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For a Add-On that I could have done by hand I can't believe this didn't work well. I have two computers. Both laptops. I have Firefox on both. #1 is running Windows Vista Basic. #2 is running XP Home. I installed the Add-On on the #1 computer first, which had a huge amount of bookmarks on it. I completed the sync and finished. Next I went to the #2 pc and installed the Add-On there as well. Next I followed the prompts and finished the wizard using the Merge Bookmarks from both computers. The second computer now has all the bookmarks of the #1 computer but none of the originals. I've now lost all the bookmarks on my XP running second PC. I was skeptical about the negative comments at first, but they were right. I wish I had made a back up copy. I checked the server copy and the links are definitely gone. Anyway to get them back? If not they should create a back-up copy of the original PC favorites/bookmarks file BEFORE merge. That would eliminate this problem (at least until it can be solved). I think a back-up should be standard with something like this anyway. ~ Jim Grim

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