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Вы там говна объелись? Всю жизнь "WOT - Web of Trust " был аддоном !!! А тут тему лажовую втирают.

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Web of Trust was by My WOT, not "g7w" whoever that is....
The real WOT was taken down by Chrome and Firefox due to the fact that the company was collecting and selling user's information without the knowledge of the user or that of Mozilla and Google.

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Was alright at one time. Now people use it to rate websites on their political beliefs

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It does not work on my android phone. It works perfectly on my PC.
I wish I could find out how to get it to work. When I do any type of search on android, nothing of WOT show up at all.

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Wot has several devices to avoid rate abuse.

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WoT is one of useful tools to rate user website based on user expectation & experiences but some domain has been rate as poor by anonymous/inexperience user that randomly rate the website or there is user that rate people domain name to gain point and award. This causing ineffective way to measure whether the website is poor or not. I'm pretty sure lot of people has been faced this situation including me. Unprofessional user should not use a professional tools like this, otherwise the domain name rating is absolutely waste and innocent. Thank you.