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The attempt to monetize WOT by selling it's "Trust Seal" is nefarious. It ain't cheap the most expensive package is 49.90 € a month. Good thing I personally haven't seen one site that stupid enough to waste money on a seal yet. No matter how they justify the "Trust Seal," in the end, money is the driving determinant in obtaining the "Trust Seals", and that goes against all of Wot's principles.

Also the some of the most weighed Wot user's opinion is invalid. They do not have the technical know how to know if a site is malicious or not, a lot of times, they personally do not go to the site themselves, rather they listen to other people's opinions and the rate accordingly.

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Using the WOT add-on is 100% free now and also in the future. Our Trust Seal package is aimed mainly for commercial sites that can take full advantage of the package. Whether your site has the Trust Seal or not does not affect your website's WOT reputation ratings in any way. All websites' ratings are based on ratings from our users. Thus there is no conflict with WOT principles.

Please note that user's activity level (Platinum, Gold etc.) has nothing to do with user's trustworthiness (rating weight). Simply being active in WOT does not increase your trustworthiness. There are cases where user has low activity level but high trustworthiness and vice versa. Please read more about trustworthiness/rating weight here: http://www.mywot.com/wiki/FAQ#Ratings_aren.27t_equally_reliable

We have currently more than 12 million users and each user is entitled to rate websites according to their experience/opinions/technical skill level. All websites' reputation ratings are based on numerous user ratings.