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I highly recommend this indispensable addon. This addon is essential for anyone who finds midway through internet surfing that you have so many tabs open that managing all of them begins to take more time than you actually spend looking at the content on the web pages. Even worse, your computer may slow down and you start to loose essential information in the morass of research and less important information.

I recommend this addon to anyone who has 20+ tabs open at one time and knows that they don't use all of them regularly, but never gets round to closing them or finishing the task you need to do before you close it (or simply has a habit of opening more tabs than they close). This addon forces you to do what you need to do before the workload becomes too large and unmanageable. It keeps you on your toes. It forces you to keep the 'quality' of your tabs high, because you can only keep open the ones that are essential for you to complete your task. It also forces you to bookmark tabs you will need again in a while, rather than keeping the tab open, so you don't end up with an overload of open tabs that you are not currently utilising.

I recommend using this addon with Tab Counter ( which tells you how many tabs you have open so you know when you are about to reach your specified tab limit. That's a tiny extension; it hardly slows your browser down at all.

I recommend using the "Force Mode" option for this addon. If you need to raise the tab limit temporarily, simply change the tab limit in this addon's options menu, then change it back again to keep the pressure on you to keep your number of tabs down. You will find that some tasks require a larger tab limit than others; you need to keep changing the tab limit to suit your current task. If you don't like changing the tab limit, use the "Suggestion Mode" option, which will continuously bug you to keep your tab number down if you exceed your limit, but allows you to exceed it temporarily; if you find that you keep opening tabs despite the addon buggging you to close some tabs, then you are like me and need to switch to using the "Force Mode" option ^_^.

For entertainment browsing, the "Silent Mode" option can be useful so that content that you have lost interest in disappears automatically so that you can always focus on the content that you are currently interested in, without the need to manage your tabs.

This is a fantastic addon and I would like to thank the developer for updating the browser so that current and future people who find themselves with too many tabs have such an effective solution to this problem.

This is an essential part of the Firefox experience.

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