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  • Rather useful addon. Thank you!
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  • Great extension!
  • the ability to look ahead gives you you the opportunity to get an "I thought that was what it meant" or a "Duh -- Glad I looked that up" without having to leave the primary page you were on. 'Cool Previews; enabled the pop-up,when desired, of whatever page any link pointed to in a user-selected size box. Anyone know of a modern version of this extension?
    Yepp, the current beta of this extension: https://github.com/NiklasGollenstede/wikipedia-peek/releases

    I really need to get around to patching up the lat missing pieces and releasing it.
  • very comfortably
  • This add-on was great for sites like Wikipedia and Fandom, and it still is. But I wish you could update the animation so that it looks fancier as well as give users a way to manually set the themes through the add-on settings page.
    Also, since Wikipedia now has it's own built-in link preview feature, this add-on kind of interferes with it. The add-on is still really useful on websites like Wikia, but it would be nice if there is a way to disable this add-on for specific websites.
    Yeah, I know I need to update this extension, I just can't seem to find the time for it,
    There is a beta version that changes some of the things you ask for: https://github.com/NiklasGollenstede/wikipedia-peek/releases
    If you read this and have some time, it would be great if you could test the beta version and give me feedback, especially on the usability of the settings page.
  • Positiva.
  • This works so great!
  • Great extension, but the one built in to Wikipedia is available to everyone now, and this isn't needed anymore.
  • Wikipedia has this already if you have an account, and dig though the beta features, but in this is a good implementation for those who do not want to sign in
  • Simple to use and very reliable.
  • Good