Excellent, except… Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I love this add-on! It is exactly what I wanted. I also love that it shows visited links clearly! thank you! :)

However, I feel it would be far better with the following four options:

1. A menu button (I don’t use the Add-on Bar).

2. Custom colour instead of white text. (I’d prefer a gentle colour like amber #FFD11C).

3. Custom colour instead of black background. (I’d prefer a dark brown, so that any black elements are not invisible).

4. How about a special mode that retains more of the differences in text and background colour? It could work like this: all bright background colours are inverted and darkened, and all dark text colours are inverted and lightened?

Also, I think the menu item should say “White on Black” instead of “Reverse colours”, because it’s not actually reversing the colours, it’s making everything white on black.