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  • It's excellent, very updated!
  • Ne fonctionne pas sur firefox developer à jour
  • Very impressed with this add-on. Has a very high accuracy rate.
    Didn't seem to work at first as I couldn't see the icon.
    I had to restart Firefox with add-ons disabled and then restart again with add-ons enabled. This can easily be done from the Help sub-menu.
  • Worked great for a few days, then disappeared from the extensions bar in Firefox. Tried reinstalling, disabling, safe mode, and nothing gets it to appear back on there. Haven't had any issues with the Chrome version though.
  • This is a wonderfull tool and it's has a high accurancy detection that's why I love it.
    In firefox it's located in a very nice location when you install the addon right next to the url bar
    I love this.

    In fact I did intergrate it online here
  • Nothing show in firefox dev version69