Historial de versiones de VimFx

29 versiones

¡Ten cuidado con las versiones antiguas!

Estas versiones se muestran con propósitos de referencia y pruebas. Debes usar siempre la última versión de un complemento.

Versión 0.12.0 395.0 kB Funciona con Firefox 43.0 y posterior

  • Improved: More clickable elements are now recognized. Most notably, elements with click event listeners added by JavaScript now get hints.
  • Improved: Autofocus prevention after using the [ and ] commands.
  • Added: In VimFx’s Keyboard Shortcuts help dialog (which can be opened by pressing ?) you can now click on any command to open VimFx’s settings page in the Add-ons Manager and automatically select the text input for that command, letting you edit its shortcuts. Tip: Use the zF command to click without using the mouse.
  • Changed: Autofocus is no longer prevented in Firefox internal pages, such as about:preferences, about:addons and about:config (as well as other XUL pages).
  • Fixed: VimFx and the Beyond Australis extension do not conflict with each other anymore.
  • Fixed: The gH command no longer nags you about “No back/forward history” even though there is.
  • Added: The gl command now takes a count.
  • Improved: Optimized CPU usage in Hints mode. (See also the hints_sleep pref.)
  • Improved: The H and L commands should now be more reliable in Firefox 43 and later.
  • Changed: There was a tiny breaking change to the Public API, though I doubt it will affect anyone. (See commit 0ca807605e if you’re especially interested.)
  • Improved: Several minor things, and some really nice internal refactoring.
  • Updated locale: de. Thanks to @just-barcodes!

Versión 0.11.0 391.3 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: The ` command is no longer broken.
  • Fixed: Memory leak.
  • Added: The gl command, which takes you to the most recent tab.
  • Improved: The Keyboard Shortcuts help dialog is now scrollable using VimFx’s scrolling commands. To allow for this, the search field is no longer autofocused. Instead, press / to open it.
  • Improved: Using the f commands, such as f and zf, now works like actually moving your mouse onto the link, making hover menus and such-like appear.
  • Improved: VimFx should now work better with Google Drive Documents, Etherpad and a few other fancy text editors.
  • Improved: The ] command now works on google.com.
  • Improved: Checkboxes and menu items on gmail.com are now given hints by the f command.
  • Improved: The gi command now also recognizes 'contenteditable' elements.
  • Improved: Hint markers now move along together with their elements.
  • Fixed: Hint markers should now be correctly positioned when zooming.
  • Fixed: The toolbar button icon should now look correctly on Retina screens.
  • Added: You may now disable counts by using toggling the counts_enabled pref.
  • Updated locale: de. Thanks to @just-barcodes!
  • Improved: Several minor things.

Versión 0.10.0 381.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Added: The zF command, which lets you click browser elements.
  • Improved: The scrolling commands can now scroll browser elements (in other words, not only web page content), by first selecting the scollable element using zF.
  • Added: The gr command, which toggles Reader View.
  • Added: The gX command, which opens the Recently Closed Tabs menu at the middle of the screen.
  • Added: The keys you’ve typed so far of a command, as well the count, are now shown in a notification. (You may disable this using the notify_entered_keys pref.)
  • Improved: When commands don’t do anything, they show a notification instead, letting you know that you actually pressed the right keys. For example, if you press f but there are no markable elements visible, a notification is shown telling you so, instead of silently doing nothing.
  • Improved: <space> now scrolls about a line less than a full page, just like Firefox does by default. d scroll about half a line less (by default), so that pressing d twice works like pressing <space> once. (See the scroll.full_page_adjustment and scroll.half_page_adjustment prefs for more information.)
  • Improved: gi now only selects all text in its text input if you haven’t focused a text input yet (allowing you to easily replace pre-filled text), instead of always doing so. Otherwise, it now puts the cursor where you left off typing the last time.
  • Fixed: The f commands now put the cursor where you left off typing the last time when focusing a text input. Previously, they accidentally selected all text in the text input (use zf for that behavior).
  • Fixed: Yet a scrolling fix. VimFx’s scrolling commands should now “just work” on even more sites.
  • Fixed: AltGr should now work out of the box on Windows. (See the ignore_ctrl_alt pref for more information.)
  • Removed: The el-GR, hu and pl locales were sadly too out of date to be useful, and nobody has shown interest in updating them, so they were removed.
  • Updated locales: id, de and zh-CN. Thanks to Yoppy Halilintar, @just-barcodes and @mozillazg!
  • Fixed: Several tiny bugs.

Versión 0.9.0 384.5 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: Links with the onclick attribute can now be opened in new tabs again. (Regression since 0.8.0.)
  • Fixed: The text size in VimFx’s Keyboard Shortcuts dialog is now correctly resized.
  • Added: The gH command. It opens the back/forward button context menu in the middle of the window, allowing you to choose a history entry with the arrow keys and <enter>.
  • Fixed: VimFx now works properly in tabs moved to other windows.
  • Fixed: An unreliable check for multi-process mode has been eliminated, fixing various problems for some users.
  • Fixed: VimFx’s toolbar button now changes color correctly when switching between blacklisted and non-blacklisted tabs.
  • Fixed: Dead keys now work out of the box on Windows.
  • Improved: Links with the onclick attribute (abused as buttons) can no longer get the same hint as another link.
  • Added: The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog (shown by pressing ?) is now searchable.
  • Added: The g/ command. It’s like / but searches links only.
  • Added: Marks.
    • Use ma to mark the current scroll position and `a to return to it. (You may substitute a with any key press.)
    • Use `` to return to the position before the last gg, G, 0, $, /, n, N or ` . (You can change this mark using the last_scroll_position_mark pref.)
  • Added: Window commands.
    • w: Open new window.
    • W: Open new private window.
    • gw: Move tab to new window.
    • gF: Follow link in new window.

Versión 0.7.3 368.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: Scrolling now works correctly in pages in quirks mode (lacking a doctype), such as Hackernews.
  • Improved: The largest scrollable element is now detected better in frames.
  • Fixed: Hints mode now exits correctly when focusing a text input using af, or f with a count.

Versión 0.7.2 368.0 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: The blinking text caret now always appears correctly when focusing text inputs.

Versión 0.7.1 368.1 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: The scrolling commands should now “just work” when using non-default zoom or DPI settings, most notably on Google Groups.

Versión 0.7.0 367.0 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Changed: Instead of using system notifications, which turned out to be a bit too intrusive, notifications are now similar to the “URL popup” (shown when hovering or focusing links) but are placed on the opposite side,.
  • Changed: The “Focus next element” and “Focus previous element” commands have been removed. The reason they existed was to let <tab> and <s-tab> only cycle between text inputs (as opposed to all focusable elements) after you’ve pressed gi. Now, <tab> and <s-tab> are handled specially instead, and only after pressing gi. The reason for this change is that the now removed commands were too intrusive, breaking user habits. One of VimFx’s main goal is not to do that. (You can turn the special handling of <tab> and <s-tab> off using the the new focus_previous_key and focus_next_key prefs.)
  • Fixed: The scrolling commands should now “just work” in a lot more situations, most notably on Gmail and Google Groups. More scrollable elements are also recognized by the f and zf commands.
  • Improved: The right border of hint markers for scrollable elements is now styled to remind of a scroll bar, making them easier to recognize among hints for links.
  • Improved/Changed: J and gJ now allow a count on the first tab. Consequently, K and gK now allow a count on the last tab.
  • Changed: gJ and gK can no longer be used to pin or unpin tabs. They now only wrap around tabs of the same pinned state. Use gp to toggle between pinned and non-pinned.
  • Fixed: Many elements that got a hint before VimFx 0.6.0 now do again.
  • Improved: Comment fields on Facebook can now be focused using f and blurred using <escape>.
  • Improved: VimFx’s toolbar button is no greyed out when you focus a text input. This is to show that your key presses will be passed into the text input rather than activating VimFx commands.
  • Added: g0, g^ and g$ now accept counts, allowing you to go to tab number count.
  • Improved: gi now finds text inputs inside frames.
  • Fixed: “gi mode” is now exited properly when blurring a text input.
  • Fixed: <select> elements are no longer considered to be text inputs when using <tab> and <s-tab> in “gi mode.”
  • Fixed: Using <force> or <late> in a shortcut no longer applies to every shortcut for the command, but only that shortcut.
  • Fixed: The order of the Previous/Next page patterns is now respected. This caused the wrong link to be picked by the [ and ] commands on some pages.

Versión 360.0 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Improved: If the entire page isn’t scrollable, the largest scrollable element is scrolled instead.
  • Fixed: VimFx’s keyboard shortcuts now works on slowly loading pages.
  • Fixed: Numbers may now be used as shortcut keys (overriding counts).
  • Fixed: The toolbar button’s icon is now correctly sized in high DPI.
  • Fixed: Hint markers are now correctly positioned when zooming using the “Zoom text only” option.
  • Fixed: The P command now works with the InstantFox add-on.

Versión 0.6.1 359.4 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: If you customized the “esc” command before VimFx 0.6.0 it should now work as expected.
  • Fixed: <tab> now works as expected in the address bar and in the dev tools.
  • Fixed: Light-weight themes can no longer make VimFx’s Keyboard Shortcuts help dialog and hint markers unreadable.
  • Added: The notifications_enabled option.

Versión 0.6.0 358.5 kB Funciona con Firefox 40.0 y posterior

Most important (breaking) changes
  • VimFx now works properly with any keyboard layout. Users of multiple layouts should enable the ignore keyboard layout option. #249 #259
  • Features related to disabling VimFx, and to the toolbar button:
    • Insert Mode has been renamed to Ignore mode.
    • Blacklisted sites now enter Ignore mode automatically,
      instead of being specially handled.
    • The feature to click the toolbar button (or press <a-V>) to disable
      has been removed. Use Ignore mode (i) and theblacklist instead.
    • The toolbar button is now red in Ignore mode (which also means that
      it is red on blacklisted sites) and green otherwise (never grey anymore).
    • The toolbar button no longer offers to (un-)blacklist the current domain.
      (Head into VimFx’s settings page in the Add-ons Manager and add
      *currentdomain.com* to the blacklist option yourself instead.)
    (See commit 3552282 for more information.)
  • Some default shortcuts have changed, mostly because they conflicted with standard Firefox shortcuts: #308
    • <c-J>gJ
    • <c-K>gK
    • g^ and gHg0g^ now selects the first non pinned tab instead, while g0 selects the first tab regardless of whether it is pinned or not. #317
    • <c-e> (alias for j) and <c-y> (alias for k) have been removed.
    • <c-f><space> and <c-b><s-space>
    • vfzf

      This frees up v for future shortcuts (instead making z a “namespace” key, just like in Vim).
    • To exit Ignore mode: <escape><s-escape>. This is because Ignore mode has replaced the disable feature, as well as the special blacklist state (see above). Sites are likely to use <escape> but not <s-escape>. (In a way, this new role of Ignore mode also means that the old (many times broken) shortcut to disable VimFx (<a-V>) has been replaced by i.) #64 #375 #432
  • VimFx’s Keyboard Shortcuts help dialog is now help only, and more accessible. To customize keyboard shortcuts, go to VimFx’s settings page in the Add-ons Manager, just like you would to customize other settings. Also, commas between every key are no longer needed: Type gJ instead of g,J.
  • For performance reasons, Hint markers are now placed vertically centered instead of at the top of the element. Don’t be surprised if you see the same hint repeated several times—links that go to the same place now get the same hint. The “Smart hints” option has been removed—hints are always smart now, and a lot smarter than before. Finally, hints now also work in the new tab page, the Add-ons Manager and the preferences page. If you want to, you can read more about the f commands. #51 #60 #176 #320 #325 #468 #471 #475
  • The F command now always opens tabs in new background tabs, while gf has been added to open tabs in new foreground tabs. #227 #464
  • Autofocus prevention is now off by default. One of VimFx’s core philosophies is to be nice to your browser habits. Some find autofocus prevention too big a change. Turn it on again if you like it! By the way, autofocus prevention now works much more reliably and should not cause issues with other extensions. #497 #541
  • The “Scroll step” option has been removed. The scrolling commands that used it now work like the arrow keys instead, and are customized just like them. See scrolling prefs for more information.
  • Speaking of scrolling, which elements scrolls when you use VimFx’s scrolling commands has changed. See scrolling commands for more information.

New features
  • New commands:

    • gp pins or unpins the current tab. (Also see g^ and g0 mentioned
      above.) #121
    • yt duplicates the current tab. #121
    • 0 and ^ scroll to the far left, and $ scrolls to the far right.
    • gi has finally been implemented. #47
    • Ignore mode <s-f1> let you run a Normal mode command without exiting
      Ignore mode.
  • In Hints mode you can now hold ctrl and alt to change behavior of the matched marker. Hold shift to temporarily make the hints see-through. See the f commands for more information. #220 #421 #484
  • Some commands now accept counts. #374
  • It is now possible to create shortcuts that work inside text inputs. See the <force> key for more information. #258
  • It is now possible to create shortcuts that the page can override. See the <late> key for more information.
  • A number of advanced options have been added. Rather than listing everything regarding them here, follow that link if you’re interested. #452 #489
  • You may now, if you want to, configure VimFx through a config file, using the new public API. Customizing VimFx through a config file also gives extra abilites, such as site-specific options and disabling certain commands on certain sites. It also allows to add custom commands (and other extensions to extend VimFx). #158 #235 #255 #261 #300 #408 #445 #490 #515
  • It is now easier to customize VimFx through custom styling. An example is changing the way hint markers look. #220 #233 #424 #432 #465
  • VimFx now has documentation and a wiki.
  • A few new locales were added:

    • fr. Thanks to Mickaël RAYBAUD-ROIG (@m-r-r)!
    • pt-BR. Thanks to Átila Camurça Alves (@atilacamurca)!
    • sv-SE. Thanks to Andreas Lindhé (@lindhe)!

  • VimFx is now multi-process/Electrolysis/e10s compatible! This means that you can run VimFx on a version of Firefox with multi-process enabled without issues, and that we’re future proof for the day when Firefox becomes multi-process by default. Best of all, it also made VimFx more reliable in non-multi-process (“regular”) Firefox. #378
  • The [ and ] commands are now smarter, recognizing more links to the previous/next page correctly. You may read more about previous/next page patterns. #396
  • The n and N commands now notify you when they wrap around the page, or the phrase you searched for could not be found. #398
  • All shortcuts in all modes can now be customized. For example, this allows you to disable VimFx’s Vim-style <enter> behavior in the find bar. #222 #390 #421
  • The p and P commands are now smarter regarding whether to treat the clipboard contents as a URL or a search, by working exactly like pasting in the address bar. They also now read the selection clipboard, if available. #353 #382
  • VimFx’s toolbar button is now properly implemented. #303 #349 #383
  • Most locales were updated. Thanks to our awesome translators!

Minor bug fixes
  • VimFx now works correctly in tabs dragged to other windows. #57
  • The p command is no longer broken. #494
  • Non-ASCII shortcut keys now work properly. #433
  • The Keyboard Shortcuts help dialog can no longer be covered by page elements.
  • Hint markers can no longer be covered by page elements.
  • VimFx no longer causes scripts on icloud.com to get stuck in an infinite loop.

Versión 78.8 kB Funciona con Firefox 29.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: The hints generation no longer crashes on some pages (regression since
    version 0.5.15).

Versión 78.8 kB Funciona con Firefox 29.0 y posterior

  • Improved: This version is now forwards-compatible with the upcoming version
    0.6.0. Downgrading from 0.6.0 to 0.5.14 or older might cause VimFx to crash,
    but downgrading from 0.6.0 to 0.5.15 is safe.
  • Fixed: Non-hintchars key presses in hints mode are now suppressed. They used
    to be passed along to the browser, which could confusingly activate site
  • Fixed: The 'f' command now always opens links in the same tab. Links used to
    be able to force a new tab or window.
  • Fixed: Pressing 'Esc' in the location bar now restores the URL, as is the
    default behaviour of Firefox. You may now also close Firefox dialogs using
  • Fixed: The toolbar button no longer throws errors.
  • Improved: Updated the de locale. Thanks to Alexander Haeussler!
  • Improved: Updated the pl locale. Thanks to morethanoneanimal!

Versión 78.9 kB Funciona con Firefox 29.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: Locales should now work properly.
  • Improved: Updated the zh-CN locale (@mozillazg).
  • Improved: Updated the de locale (@Kambfhase).
  • Added: Japanese locale (@pluser).
  • Fixed: If you switched to another tab or window while an <input> element
    was focused and then switched back, the <input> element got blurred, while
    it should have stayed focused. This caused the auto-type feature of KeePassX
    to break.

Versión 76.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 29.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: The vote button on StackExchange sites are now markable again.
  • Improved: Detection of previous/next links. Should work better on gmail now.
  • Fixed: It is now possible to use Enter/Return in keyboard shortcuts.
  • Improved: The n/N commands (etc.) now work even if you didn’t open the finbar
    using the VimFx command (such as the default key binding ctrl+f, or by
    clicking a menu item).
  • Improved: It is now possible to blur text inputs without sending Esc to the
    page, which could cause dialogs etc. to annoyingly close.
  • Improved: Updated the el-GR locale (@sirodoht).
  • Fixed: Autofocus prevention sometimes made text inputs impossible to focus
    until you reloaded the page.
  • Improved: Autofocus prevention now works on more sites than before.
  • Improved: Autofocus prevention now prevents all automatic focusing (not
    just when the page loads). This makes devdocs.io much easier to use.
  • Added: When viewing images directly and the image has been resized to fit the
    screen the image is now markable, allowing you to toggle zoom on it using the
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to add conflicting shortcuts (such as adding
    'a' when 'af' and 'as' are already present).

Versión 76.6 kB Funciona con Firefox 29.0 y posterior

  • Fixed: The focus search bar command was broken.
  • Fixed: Autofocus prevention was broken.
  • Fixed: The top bar on YouTube could not be accessed by VimFx.
  • Fixed: You can no longer add blank hotkeys.
  • Improved: Tab Groups are supported.
  • Improved: Matching of previous/next links should be more reliable.
  • Improved: A few minor things.

Versión 76.5 kB Funciona con Firefox 25.0 y posterior

Bug fix for the default preferences

Versión 76.5 kB Funciona con Firefox 28.0 y posterior

AMO preliminary review bug fix

Versión 73.9 kB Funciona con Firefox 25.0 y posterior

This release is a hotfix release (0.5.7)

0.5.6 Release notes:
- Updated some translations
- Updated pagination patterns and logic
- Added autofocus prevention feature that can be enabled in preferences

Versión 70.9 kB Funciona con Firefox 25.0 y posterior

  • Fix for popup passthrough mode stucking
  • Make toolbar button click depend on current mode
  • Higher weight markers should not be overlapped
  • Refactor find mode to use Firefox native search bar
  • Bump minimum required Firefox version to 25
  • Added commands to go in the URL path
  • Added commands to navigate previous and next links with customizable link patterns
  • Use Firefox 24+ native console API
  • Update zh-CN localization

Versión 69.9 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

Mainly maintenance update - lots of refactoring.
- Insert mode
- Hit markers can be rotated with Space while in hints mode
- Open multiple links command

Versión 63.5 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

  • Added command to focus search bar: O
  • Added commands to stop loading current page and all pages: s and as
  • Invisible elements will not get hint markers
  • Compatibility with Firefox 25
  • Simple shortcut customization with UI in Help dialog
  • Use huffman coding algorithm for hint markers generation which results in shorter links
  • Implemented Bloom filters to achieve shorter hints for those shortcuts that are used often
  • Reimplemented scrolling - now works with pages wihere window is not scrollable
  • Find disabled on non HTML documents
  • Find string is now global for all windows.
  • Fixed logic of locale discovery. Now we rely on general.useragent.locale Firefox preference for current locale

Versión 50.1 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

  • Custom hint chars hotfix

Versión 49.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

  • Reimplemented find mode: CJK support, performace boost
  • `a/` or `a.` to highlight all matches of the search string on the page
  • Hint markers will now reach into iframes
  • Key handling is disabled when a popupmenu or panel are shown
  • `yf` will now also focus links and copy values from text/textarea element
  • `vf` will show hit markers to focus the underlying element

Versión 48.0 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

  • : to open Firefox Developer Toolbar, Esc to close it.
  • Add Hungarian locale (@thenonameguy).
  • Add Polish locale (@grn).
  • Don't close pinned tabs when pressing x (@grn).
  • Switched to Makefile for building the extension release (@carno).
  • Mrakers CSS tweaks (@helmuthdu)

Versión 41.5 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

  • Thanks to @mozillazg and @mcomella for translation contributions.
  • Added 'gh' command that will navigate to the home page.
  • Added 'o' command to focus address bar.
  • 'p' and 'P' will parse the contents of the clipboard. If the string in the clipboard appears to be a url then it will navigate to this url. Otherwise it will search for the string in the clipboard using currently selected search provider.
  • Now hint markers for links will stay on top of all the markers for different kinds of elements.
  • Esc will now also close the focused default search bar.
  • Fixed bugs related to keyboard events handling, XUL documents, and some other issues.
  • Bug fixed where not all the commands could be disabled via the Help dialog.

Versión 38.9 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

  • Toolbar button hotfix
  • Added an option to disable individual shortcuts via the help dialog

Versión 38.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

Hotfix for keyboard handling bug

Versión 35.7 kB Funciona con Firefox 12.0 y posterior

Hotfix: Preferences will now appear as expected.