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  • cannot remember playback speed of each individual sites. I want youtube video to play at 1.3 but that speed carries to ALL video on ALL sites
  • Please support mobile double tap forward rewind. Thanks.
  • Fantastic Tool!!
    time saver!!
    thank you definitely 5 stars!!!
  • Reverts to 1x speed when changed to full screen or back.
  • it's great and super helpful! but could you add a reset button? i sometimes speed up during advertisements and then i have to click multiple times to get it back to 1x

    edit: ok, pressing "r" resets..... i just usually use the actual controls, and there was no button for it. you might want to consider adding it!
  • The controls not always show up on the video. How to make the controls to show up?
  • Отлично работает, всегда без проблем ускоряет. Мне очень нравится, + прост в обращении.
  • Always works flawlessly