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I admit that I was a bit confused when I stared using version 5. It would always happen that I would download that "adaptive variant" video which needs further conversion (and also not really knowing what "adaptive variant" means so I was even more confused).

But really what I wanted is just to download "normal" videos just as I did before and it does that great. The dropdown list of available formats is very clear and I just avoid ADP (adaptive variants) and everything goes fine.
Not to say you need to avoid them. But I have the feeling that a lot of users will get confused with those so I'd like to point it out.

The interface has changed but I don't see any problem with that.

I would suggest everybody to use this addon for downloading videos from websites, because it is really straighforward and gives you lots of options which you'll appreciate. For example, the ability for downloading, say only 1 video at a time and queuing others so you don't choke your connection. I've gone mad with other addons when this one wasn't working because you just couldn't queue downloads and it would kill my internet connection.

I don't want to be downing other addons, but to me they feel just not as good as this one. Always leave you wanting something more, or you quickly spot some downside.

About needing licence for converter:
I don't feel it's fair to rant about it, after all it's not an essential part of "addon". You can download videos and that is free, no limitation on that part. It's fair that these people (the developers) earn something for living. That is what enables them to continously develop this addon.

And it's not like you can't convert for free, you just get a little QR code. Is it such a big deal? I don't even seem to notice it mostly.
If QR code is problem for you, it probably means you are some kind of professional and use this for some important matters, in which case, you can pay for converter. So what's the thing?

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