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  • Boo! This used to be great, but they added an update that leaves a watermark in the corner of the video. Uninstalling this garbage, bye bye aholes.
  • very good and thank you.
  • NICE!
  • Os menus da extensão não é tão intuitiva, o que gerou uma certa dificuldade nos primeiros usos. Porém, ao familiarizar-se com seus menus e funcionalidades, não encontrei mais nenhum problema. A extensão é excelente.
  • Very useful
  • This is the most wonderful and useful program I've ever experienced!!!!!
  • Eine wirklich tolle Software zum herunterladen!!!
  • Download JHelper ist ein sehr nützliches Tool.
    Wird gerne benutzt.
    Die Funktionen sind übersichtich und in der jetzigen Version
    gut einsetzbar.
    Vielen Dank
  • Dieses Addon ist ein must have für Firefox.
    Kann ich nur empfehlen.
  • This is the best and easiest program I've come across to download videos playing onscreen, with or without download options from the video site.
  • I have to say since I found Video downloader it has been so much easier to download anything i want. Real Player will only download certin clips/ I please Video Downloader is much better than real player
  • Used to be a good add know it ask you to download extensions complete junk
  • 我比较喜欢
  • Отличная программа. Спасибо разрабам!!!
  • Solid functionality, simple interface. I installed the companion app to fully enable it
  • I have been using this excellent addon for years, and it was perfectly doing the job. This is no more the case now, since the addon only allows you to download "low quality" videos, unless you agree to install an external app, in which I cannot trust.
  • I have not found any video that DownloadHelper wasn't able to DL, Unlike every version of windows... I use it all the time! Hats off to the programmers that created this.
  • Es un programa muy bueno le califico excelente
  • Sehr gutes ADD-On um Videos herunter zu laden.
    Die Verzeichnisauswahl als Speicherort könnte verbessert werden!
  • This Add-On is invaluable. It works. It is solid where others eventually fail. This is my field of expertise, Networking Technologies, Audio and Video. I trust this, and have trusted this add-on. For years. It is my number ONE choice far above and beyond the other options, and it is fast. I hope this review helps you, I use reviews to help me choose to install, then use them. It has been safe for years for me. GBC USA
  • I find Video Downloadhelper almost invaluable in capturing videos from websites (and thus allowing me to watch then in my own time or on other devices, rather than be stuck in front of a desk bound screen).

    Sadly, it doesn't download to Firefox on iOS and sticks an ugly visible QR code in the left hand corner of the video unless you actually buy the add-on. I would have done this long ago IF they (VD) had advertised this fact UP-FRONT before installation/use.

    Right now this behavior just annoys me and makes me more selective about which videos I do download. It's a shame (and a request) to provide a function (for the purchased version) which would retroactively remove the QR code from captured videos. In fact on 'off-days' I'm sorely tempted to put aside some time to write my own VD add-on just because of this.

    Otherwise, it has a great set of features, options and conversions that are truly useful.

  • 方便下載又可瀏覽.讚
  • been using for ages very handy and quick way to download videos highly recommended
  • excelente complemento
  • Great app. It's the easiest I know of de downloading videos. The drop down ;list of videos I find very confusing however and it causes me to often download many copies of the same video