Confirmed issue with youtube Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Confirmed, as the two previous reviewers Dan and Kevin stated, some downloads (in particular youtube downloads) are "broken." While the files do download, the status is unknown because they do not appear in the download window (nor do they appear for me as they should using the extension "Download Statusbar"). As Dan pointed out, youtube downloads do work as they should using the extension "Download Flash and Video." Hopefully we'll only have to use a different extension temporarily until the dev can release an update with a workaround.I am experiencing this issue on Firefox Beta 19 and Firefox 18. What's strange, however, is that I did not have this problem when using Firefox Beta 18, even up until the official Firefox 18 was released. I have had some issues with userscripts breaking on youtube over the past couple days, so this may not even be an issue with Firefox/Video DownloadHelper, but rather with a change that youtube made (which seems to happen far too often).

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