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  • The watermark is ridiculous
  • An excellent extension. Does exactly what it claims. Most other extensions of this type that I have tried, appear to get confused by some media formats. That hasn't happened with DownloadHelper as yet - I have been using it for a couple of years now.
  • This app/add on is fantastic. I am an engineering student who has ALOT of online lectures to go through. I HAVE to download all of them, every class builds on the next. The videos come from alot of media, this extension is the only one that has successfully downloaded all the media from the various sources. It is much better than sketchier tools that i have used. The only time it CANT work is when the media uploads through a third party popup, ie blackboard collaborate. But no app I know of can.
  • Doesn't mention you have to install companion app, or that videos are watermarked, on the add on's description. Not cool, I can't believe Mozilla recommend this app
  • companion app is mandatory to update. that's annoying
  • me gusta, ya que la descarga es eficiente y de calidad, gracias
  • if you are looking for a simple and no nonsense downloader, this is it.

    still cannot download? the likelihood the website the user entered has download restrictions are extremely high, from my experience.

    all in all, love the apps. 5 stars for the continuing good work.
  • Really good and straightforward user interface. Highly recommend this extension. I would really like to thank the developers for such a great extension.
  • Excellent video downloading application. Very transparent app
  • This is wonderful app since it has launched. I really thank to the team and their good efforts.
  • Dieser Video DownloadHelper (in der kostenlosen Version) erfüllt voll meine Erwartungen. Die Qualität der Videos ist mir allerdings nicht so wichtig, mich interessiert viel mehr die Musik. Also alles bestens!
  • Der neue DownloadHelper lädt Videos nur noch unvollständig herunter. Die Anzeige des Downloadfortschritts fehlt bei der neuesten Version. Auch die Benachrichtigung des Abschlusses des Downloads fehlt jetzt. Schlechtester DownloadHelper aller Zeiten.
  • This does not work the same since the last FF update
  • Have used this for some time as our internet is too slow for streaming, and has generally proved useful. However as more sites are using HTML streaming videos (.m3u8) it can't detect those, so am using alternative ways of downloading them.