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  • Yıllardır bu eklentiyi kullandığım için mükemmel diyebilirim...
  • pretty good to just download a video from a random website (particularly youtube) without much issue. BUT they want SO BAD for you to get the "companion app", and if you're going to do that, get youtube-dl.
  • super
  • Up from four stars (mid 2018) to five after I discovered a workaround to a perceived problem with a BBC page:


    I could knock off a star for the troublesome 'Support site' link here, but honey works better than vinegar:


    Many of the one-star reviews here are misleading. Maybe from people who could not easily find relevant support.
  • magnifique
  • Now Adds a watermark to every video
  • very usefull
  • 可以下载twitter视频,赞!
  • Hace lo mismo que otras extensiones hacen de forma gratuita y encima es muy lento. No recomendado