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  • best downloader
  • Now overlays a QR code on videos. QR code takes you to a website offering to remove the QR code if you pay money.

  • DId exactly as expected, lovely.
  • Great add on, can download nearly any video off of nearly any site.
  • very powerful video downloader
  • I don't know what happened to this addon it used to be great now it's shite. It tries to add watermarks to videos and such not worth it find something better.
  • Would give this zero stars if possible. Extension stopped working for every video I've tried using it with even with the ridiculous companion app (read spyware) addon that it supposedly requires. Tries to upsell the premium version of the app which I'm obviously not ever going to buy since even the free extension won't work. Absolutely despicable practices by the developer.
  • Helpful!
  • Made me wait 20 minutes for conversion only to greet me with a watermarked video, there are tons of alternatives. I won't use it again.
  • very good tool
  • For years, this add-on has required an additional program to installed. No problem. But the program has never installed. Not once. Not for several years. This add-on does not work, has not worked and probably never will work.
  • nice
  • Very good add-on, works in all situations.
  • Pour moi, c'est THE BEST....
  • It works, but there's a huge and obnoxious watermark attached! In order to get rid of it, you have to either:

    A) pay $30 to get a "license"
    B) use another program that's completely free

    choose wisely
  • I use this add-on to download my classes so I can study offline. As far as I'm concerned this creator should get all the stars and awards!