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  • Functionality is good.
  • Funktioniert nicht
  • This used to be an excellent addon. I could click download and *bam* it would just worked but now it's become overly cluttered and too complex for it's own good. Took me a lot of time just to get anything to work but even the DLed videos were often less frames per sec than the original (so it looked a bit choppy) and had artifacts in it.

    It also now requires an extra app to DL anything?! WTF, I thought maybe it had something to do with Firefox's new format requirements but I found other addons that do not need anything extra and do what VDH USED to do simply so I have to wonder why they require it now.
  • De loin mon extension favoris
  • You cant download music for free. IT IS A CRAP!
  • 色々なディストリビューションのLinuxで利用させてもらってます。
  • восхитительно хорошее! удачная находка для меня, пока устраивает во всем
  • Top Downloader. Benutze ihn schon seit mehreren Jahren. Ist sehr zuverlässig !
  • Great Addon, Works easily with the press of a button and gets me my videos every time.
  • my favorite addon. it can even transcode videos. to/from any format. awesome naming conventions.

    this app downloads 99.99% of what i want. I only wish it had restart capabilities over multiple reboots of firefox and even restarts of my laptop.

    Is there a way to speed up downloads? my laptop is capable of 300+ Mbps (via speedtest.org) but this addon hardly ever goes over 10Mbps.