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  • Отлично работает
  • Realmente está muy bueno, puedo bajar videos que no había podido hacerlo durante mucho tiempo.. Reomendadísimo. 👍🏻
  • It is a great program, does its job perfectly. Just a notice from an old user for the Team (devel).

    When it was born its job was simple and fast, after a lot of years I have a sensation that the simplicity of the beginning it is slowly losing.

    So, I hope that the program returns to its identity, fast download and fast conversion. A pragmatic soul focused on the users.

    I love downloadHelper.

    Thanks a lot, but now I have a question:
    I would like to set up all downloaded files over 300 MB in mkv, can I do it? I mean as a default option.
  • Awesome extension great for all the sites.
  • very good for collecting kids stuff Tarmo
  • This is amazing tool for download your videos!
  • I love this extension. I use it all the time on may types of videos. I highly recommend it.
  • simply excellent
  • useless as others tools
  • Funktioniert tadellos mit ein wenig Einarbeitungszeit
  • Very good add-on.
  • Vraiment pratique et facile
    permets de recupérer des videos qui d'habitude ne peuvent pas l'etre
  • Benutze ihn schon einige Zeit funktioniert meistens sehr zuverlässig.