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  • Poprzednio było dobrze, ale teraz wgrywa ogromny znak wodny (kod qr), zasłaniający dużą część ekranu.
  • I can't speak to how this add-on compares to other video downloaders, but then again I feel like that's the point. I've only ever used Video DownloadHelper and never had to use any other add-on of this type - and I download a lot of videos. It's great!
  • não consigo baixar video original
  • Once fully installed, yes there are a couple of steps, this downloader works really well.
  • I really enjoy using this tool. I find it works around 95% of the time perfectly, just some stubborn sites which seem to be able to block it.

    I love using it when I find old movies which are now free of royalties so can be downloaded.

    From my experience of using it I can highly recommend this extension, its versitile in use and can download far more than other download extensions can.
    Thanks for a great product.
  • Why this addon dont work without other addon?

    Maybe i need to install more addons to install more addons, why not?
  • インストールしても、V.D.Hのマークが出ない
  • I have enjoyed this for a few but lately it seems to be getting confusing. Thanks for allowing me to use.
  • UNRELIABLE and NAGS! other programs better. Ok so after 10-30 minutes of recording it says, derp can't find media manifest, this version sucks, used to be better, sucks worse on chrome too. When it nags it stops the downloads. What are you thinking? Most of the good reviews are for the older versions.
  • NICE
  • perfeito. muito bom!
  • Really handy tool that rarely glitches! Thanks!