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  • Have used this add on for a while and it used to work great. Today tried to use it for a video download using identical steps and after a very very very long time - the video was ready to download but a required payment feature has now been added. I get that some capabilities require payment -- but I DO NOT like finding out after wasting 1/2 hour. The software should warn of the new required payment before wasting user's time. I do actually pay for some capabilities -- but never after being tricked into it. I will no longer be using this software. Beware the required payment that now seems to be a requirement to actually get a copy of the video that you thought was being downloaded -- and it now takes a long long time.
  • La numero uno per me!!
  • Для меня это лучший инструмент в моем браузере!
  • It works great!
  • Video DownloadHelper is the best at what it does that I've used (been using it for several years now). It's fast, and extremely easy to use, and so far I've been able to download every video that I wanted to download with it. I like being able to accurately monitor download rate and progress, and being able to download as many videos simultaneously as I've needed to. I've not had any problems with it so far. I consider it to be one of my most essential extensions. Kudos and thanks to the developer for providing this very useful Firefox extension.
  • The best and easiet video downloader
  • wonderful!,thanks,is far better than others.