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  • works pretty well


    Просто скопируйте адрес и введите в адресную строку (располагается в самом верху браузера) для перенаправления! на страницу на сайт

    1)Переходите на сайт.
    3)Нанимайте гномов, они будут добывать руду.
    4)Руда будет накапливаться, относите ее на склад.
    5)Перерабатывайте руду и получайте золото.
    6)Обменивайте золото на реальные деньги, либо нанимайте больше гномов, чтобы они приносили Вам еще больше прибыли!
  • Complètement nul, après 1h30 de téléchargement, plante et disparait de Firefox. A eviter sauf si vous voulez perdre du temps pour rien
  • A melhor extensão para baixar vídeos. Rápida e prática! É tão boa que merecia 13 estrelas, pq 13 é PT!
  • Melhor extensão para baixar vídeos
  • I tried the video uploaders from different authors, but frankly - this one works like a good mechanism! Once downloaded, activated and there is no problem the last few years, it is the best
  • Ottima,fa quello che deve fare e lo fa bene
  • Video Downloadhelper is the best
  • I very much enjoy this addon. I use it for porn a lot. My collection has never grown faster!
  • Actually did not have an "experience" with this addon despite having had it for a while, however, I recommend anyone adding this to read the sites Terms where they explicitly say "we do not guarantee this will be secure". I don't know, that just seems to bother me, especially since they want you to install a companion software on your hard drive.
  • after years of using this as my main video downloader you now require extortionate amounts of money to download videos and even audio !! well you call the tune and i will be seeking out a dev who is a tad more down to earth. money talks but i'll never ever use this again. greediness dominates the web these days but just remember is was US that gave you your humble beginnings way back. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ANYMORE, UNINSTALLING !!
  • They put a watermark on the very first video you download, then they try to put their hand in your pocket. You want to get rid of the watermark? Pay us. Why not just say upfront that they want your money? I call it sleazy.