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  • I love this extension. I use it all the time on may types of videos. I highly recommend it.
  • simply excellent
  • useless as others tools
  • Funktioniert tadellos mit ein wenig Einarbeitungszeit
  • Very good add-on.
  • Vraiment pratique et facile
    permets de recupérer des videos qui d'habitude ne peuvent pas l'etre
  • Benutze ihn schon einige Zeit funktioniert meistens sehr zuverlässig.
  • This used to my go to add on, however now it's changed where anything high resolution requires the download of a "companion app", which places a QR code at the top left (not a watermark, a white background code) of the video. The fee to remove this is currently USD $28.50. In my case the downloaded video can't be skipped in VLC so lucky I checked before paying for this (skipping results in the video freezing what a grey square and some artifacts)