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  • Terrific app, I love it. Fast easy configurable and cpu-efficient.
  • The best add-on I am using right now.
  • Fantastica
    aunque hace falta un conversor
  • No more free, they added a mark ! don't download this app, i will remove it. Bye bye download helper. Add Ant video downloader it is free.
  • Мля, опупенное расширение, качает всё, что мне надо, если бы можно было, поставил бы 10 звёзд ))
  • Essential tool, easy to use and reliable.
  • Now the addon sticks a QR code in the corner unless you pay the developer a sh*t ton of cash for a license !
    The dev is a greedy [insert word here].
  • By far the best add-on i've ever used. Thank You!!!
  • NÃO
  • Just a heads up, this AddOn charges you $28.50 USD to remove a QR Watermark from the videos you download. It may work well, but the watermark makes it useless for me. I guess I'm sticking with full screen capturing in OBS, works really well and you get the same high resolution as the playback.