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I have been using this "VIDEO DOWNLOADHELPER"
[Video DownloadHelper]for about a year now and I "DO NOT" want to mention money because when someone does most of us go somewhere else. Well I got GOOD news and BAD news. First the GOOD news; This site would appreciate a "DONATION" !!! The BAD news is I can,t give one at the moment but if I could [and hope to soon] I would give what ever I could and trust me when I tell you I "DO NOT" work for this web site! I am 53 years old [damn my birthday was yesterday, HALLOWEEN,I turned 54} and am on my 600th Video[seriously] and have been using this for EVERY VIDEO site I can find and it works better than anything I have ever used. I know what you are thinking "YEAH RIGHT!" but I am a Born again Christian ["18yrs] and I swear to ALL "THIS IS THE BEST BY FAR"

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Thanks for this comment and ... Happy birthday !!!