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  • I am a teacher and need to present videos in my class. Since the school network sometimes is unreliable, I use Video Downloadhelper to have the videos I need, without compromising the quality of the lesson. Kudos!
  • Recurso excelente. Tem-me ajudado bastante a conseguir alguns recursos, de grande utilidade para as aulas.

    Muito Obrigado
  • love this add-on, it's easy to use and works flawlessly on Firefox! You can also use it with Chrome but there are limitations with that version that are not an issue on Firefox
  • You can clearly see the download options, and also when there's a problem, it's pretty easy to delete and re-start. It meets my needs, but I wish I knew how to pause downloads, for when I have a slow connection.
  • je suis très satisfais de ce add-on. auparavant j'utilisais safari mais on ne pouvait rien télécharger. Bravo Firefox.
  • I have not had any issue with Video Download Helper. I have always downloaded easily. This is more than a review. I will also say thanks to the developers.
  • This add-on works well for what I use it for - downloading videos that I might want to watch several times without wasting my bandwidth. I don't use any of the other features, so can't comment on them. I've been using it for several years without any major problems; the only one I remember is a short period after Firefox changed security settings, but the work-around was ready within a week. Basically, it's reliable, unobtrusive and convenient - I really like it.
  • Дополнение к Mozilla Firefox Video Download Helper постоянно выручает в случае необходимости загрузки видеофайлов с Youtube и не только. Причём сам формат видео не так уж и важен, если пользоваться отличным лицензионным конвертером видеоформатов, таким как Movavi.
  • Es ist so einfach...
    Im aktuellen Browsertab läuft ein Video, Du möchtest es für später speichern?
    Kein Problem, einfach rechts oben auf die drei bunten Kugeln drücken und fertig!
    Wo? rechts oben, neben den Menüstrichen!
    Ist ein einfaches und selbsterklärendes Programm, nur zu empfehlen
  • Echt toll, funktioniert super
  • Uso esta extensão há vários anos, e considero-a essencial. Muitas e muitas vezes preciso assistir algum vídeo com mais calma, para minhas pesquisas, e não encontrei outra solução mais simples, eficaz e completa quanto Video DownloadHelper. Seu uso é intuitivo, não requer prática nem habilidade. Basta acessar o vídeo via navegador, clicar no ícone da extensão, definir onde vai armazenar o arquivo e pronto.
  • 十分有用,很多影片都能下載得到
  • es una aplicacion estupenda, lo unico que le falta es que se puedan descargar videos de todos los sitios, si se pudieran descargar videos en 4k seria fantastico
  • 下載瀏覽操作簡單超級好用
  • the best add-on
  • What can I say. I am on a roll with DownloadHelper. Stable, easy to use doesn't drop out, recognises the vids (sometimes just run the vid for a few seconds and then pause to help DLH find it) and away you go.If you are a cheap scumbag and do not want to pay, there is a small QR code. The single star reviewers are also one star trolls IMNSHO.
  • Teşekkürler Mozılla. İyi ki varsınız. özellikle ders videolarında işime çok yarıyorsunuz.
  • youtube等の動画を閲覧するのに大変役立つ良いアプリです。今後も配信お願いします。
  • This is the only download available free, to download any video from net.
  • it's so good
    I like it!!!
  • happy