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  • I have been using this service for a very long time now and have watched it grow in a positive direction. I live in a very
    isolated area on an island with no cable or land lines so this
    has been my primary source of getting you tube info when I
    want it. I am quite disabled but this is quite easy for me to
    navigate and produces good quality videos.
    I am still a novice on computers. If there was one thing I could
    ask for it would be to find an easy way to attach sub titles to
    videos as my hearing is also compromised. I have googled it
    but always give up because it just is to complicated for me.
    Also it appears that I would have to try and add it to each
    individual download. Is there an easy way to attach the
    subtitles and if so can it be done to default to attach it to all
    the downloads I select. Thank all of you so much. Great job!
  • ok
  • Es muy útil y práctico, te permite bajar videos y convertirlos al formato que quieras, es muy fácil de manejar
  • Der video download helper von Mozilla leistet enorm viel und ist eine unschätzbare Unterstützung bei meinen online Recherchen. Immer zuverlässig, nur manchmal etwas langsam, aber das kann auch an meiner Verbindung liegen.
  • Funktioniert sehr gut. Lohnt sich in jedem Falle den Video DownloadHelper zu installieren. Läuft völlig problemlos.
  • Tres pratique et simple d'utilisation.
  • Amazing work! Smooth work with any video (HLS, etc.).
  • とても素晴らしいプラグイン。
  • Laba programma - alternatīva Windows Youtube Downloader.
  • merci au développeur , j'aime bien encore merci
  • cool
  • Definitely helping a lot!
  • Ich benütze Video Downloadhelper schon seit längerer Zeit, um manchen interessanten Beitrag auf meinen Rechner zu laden. damit ich diesen in Ruhe noch einmal ansehen kann. Ebenso werden Bilder darüber heruntergeladen.
  • Okay
  • Это то, что выручает меня всегда. Спасибо Вам!!!!!
  • This is a great program. Allows downloads of almost all videos
  • One of the most useful addons every conceived for anything... It consistently makes the keeping of videos one of the simplest and intuitive actions in browser experience. I can't imagine even visiting any site now without this and it's the one reason I don't use any other browser but Firefox. Very well designed and developed with updates!
  • Slows much firefox, and fills memory.
  • Makes downloading extra good videos you find so simple! Love it.
  • a great app to download html5 videos.
  • love this!! i use it so much!! :)