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  • Doesn't work.

  • not so dusty

  • Like many other YouTube add-ons, it claims to require an external tool to download 1080p films (instead of presenting separate audio and video streams links). An info link says YouTube only provides "incomplete links" to those streams, that's why an external tool is required, what is a LIE, as there is at least one add-on that can and actually do show the separate files for downloading, without needing any external tool installed.

    It's a shame they have to lie to exploit naïve users!

  • Suka

  • Cracks the correct Vimeo on-demand code in 2 seconds. Wonderfull.!

  • great

  • Doesn't work on Firefox at all. I click the download button and nothing happens.


  • Easy to use. Reliable.

  • doesn't work

  • thank

  • good

  • scam

  • Well, there's this thing that everybody else mentions. And by the way, your "options" are broken. It just shows that there's an error and options cannot be found (in the firefox extension menu). I wanted to see if I can switch it off. As in: I don't want it to monitor. I want it to only search videos when I click on it. But since the options are broken I don't know if it can.

  • Does not find a video then tells you you need a 9.99 download. This is a racket!!!!!!

  • تجربه ندارم

  • 720p. You have to pay for the 1080p

  • piece of shit. Does nothing. Scam.

  • awesome

  • The Best

  • Excellent.

  • No support for 1080p.

  • Muy bueno

  • =)))))

  • Does not work in firefox mobile