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  • не загружает видео с boomstream
    Please contact with more details about your issue to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • I don't know if I did it wrong or if there's a limit, but I downloaded an 1.5 hour video and the output was only 38 minutes long.
  • Good but not great.
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  • Great Addon, helped in a lot in cases where all other downloader did not succeed.
    But some questions:
    - you have a "Setting" button, but there i can only see one option, to change the download folder ?
    - very helpful would be an option to indicate that the file is already in den download folder, and an option to stop or add it anyway. Otherwise i always have to check it by myself if not sure about it.
    - and: is there a limitation of videofiles to download ? it seems to me the tool stops at 5-6 videos.
    Many thanks for your report and ratings!
    Your report has been forwarded to our developers with new feature request.
    We are constantly working on the improvement of our video downloader and will include the support of new features in further versions.
  • NICE
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  • Doesn't work independently, requires downloading "AVD Native app" for downloading video.
    Please note that Native Application is required for merging streaming type video.
    Please contact to our support with more details about your problem: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • Well I finally upgraded to the latest version of Firefox only to find Ant Video Downloader is no longer a Video downloader at all. It tells you to install a companion App, the last thing I want is more bloatware, more stuff to go wrong, be scaned by virus checker etc etc. What a shame, this as RUINED and video downloader which pretends that you have a choice saying the companion app can do not, but the stupid Ant extension is not capable of even downloading a yourtube video. I wish you could just be more honest and stop wasting users time.
    Please note that companion application is only used for merging streaming type video segments with help of included open source FFmpeg converter and have digital signature to provide secure. You can check it by any anti malware soft in case of suspicions.
  • Downloads work and whatnot, but if you leave it on, it will pile up processes and make firefox slow until my computer crashes. Seems like every single video it detects opens a new thing that consumes memory, eventually opening up hundreds of instances.
    Our developers already working on this issue.
    Please downgrade to previous version or contact to our support for instructions: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • ...very good, thank you
    Many thanks for your report and ratings!
  • desde el mes pasado no detecta los videos que antes si, voy a esperar hacer mas pruebas sino la desinstalaré
    Please try to completely reinstall add-on and Native Application.
    Either please contact with more details about your problem to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • very good, no problems
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  • Very nice
    Many thanks for your report and ratings!