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  • ANOTHER addon, that FORCES you to download another program to even use it, i'm real tired of this shit, and am gonna start reporting for false advertisement. waited a long time for video to download only to get an error, after refreshing, keep getting "title is pending" basically this doesn't work DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  • This is a good addon but I have recently updated the plugin to version 4.4 from 4.3 and the browser addon no longer detects 1920x1080p streams from Funimation. If this can be resolved this is a 5 star addon. For now I have reverted back to 4.3 and it's detecting 1920x1080p streams.
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    Thank you!
  • Stopped detecting videos on pornhub with new update, had to revert back to v4.3.
    Please try to completely reinstall your add-on and Native Application.
    Either contact with details about your problem to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
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    Many thanks for your report and ratings!
  • this is great
    Many thanks for your report and ratings!
  • Sometimes the down loader will indicate that a movie was downloaded but when you click on the movie, your redirected to the website where the movie was supposedly downloaded from
    To open the downloaded file, use the “Open Folder” or “Play” buttons.
    In this case, the download folder will open or the video will start playing in the default system player.
    Clicking at video title will forward you to the page with video.
    In case of any further problems please contact to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form