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  • a part se connecter à internet pour telecharger d'autre logiciel l'extention ne sers à rien la video passe sans aucun telechargement, ce qui parraissait interressant sur un petite bande passante n'est qu'une vaste fumisterie : une perte de temps
  • It does not work.
    It wants to install other software.

    Anyway I would never install it in my main browser, because its code is secret and it can see all my passwords and other things that I write.



    "The extension can read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords."
    Please note that AVD doesn't collect your personal data.
    AVD has passed through admin review and approved for the public same as all other Mozilla extensions.
    More about required permissions you can find at our Knowledge Base here: https://support.ant.com/help/en-us/1-faq/12-why-does-avd-need-so-many-permissions-for-installation
    In case of problems with video detection or downloading please contact to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • good
    Thank you for your report and ratings!
  • good,i like it very much
    Thank you!
  • Slowest downloader I have ever used. It will start out at 5MB a second and quickly drop down to around 200 KB a second, no matter where I'm trying to download a video from. Trash in my opinion.
    AVD download speed depends on connection speed and differs depending on the streaming speed.
    Please contact with more details and link to the video to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • To me this is the best download app in Firefox's apps. =)
    Thank you for your report and ratings!
  • There is no external program for the mac. I find I have to run HLS downloads through handbrake to fix the jitters. Getting support seems impossible. Notifications are timed to cover up the button you are wanting to click and do not have "close" button. It's the best I have found but I am still looking for better.
    Unfortunately companion application for macOS is still under development and planned to one of the next major update.
    Please contact with more details about your problem to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form