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  • Used to be a good tool but now it's just a shady addon tricks you install wiindows spyware on your pc.
    Please note that Native Application software is used for support streaming video downloading.
    You can check that it is totally safe by any antivirus software.
  • best video downloader addons
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  • oke
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  • There are things I like very much about this app, and there are things that are really bad about it as well. It does most of what I want it to do. On the other hand though it includes videos to download which I am not even logged into to download. It has 3-4 choices to select from with 0 + megs in size, but it also picks up other videos which I am not targeting to download at the time and it further names these other videos with the same name of the target video. I thought I had downloaded some videos and when I opened them they were in fact not the target videos I had intended.

    Second negative. I often download a series of videos, like those offered in online courses. Often this app does not set to the exact target video and I have to click on the intended video more than once, (up to four times) in order to get it to recognize the target video, so this is a pain in the neck as well. I use another video down loaders in conjunction with Ant that will supplement these deficiencies but that is inconvenient. So I am happy but not thrilled with Ant.
    Please note that AVD could also detect adds in supported formats and may not download some protected streaming protocols used for protecting paid content.
    Please contact to our support with details about your problem: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • Ant Video Downloader far outdoes any other downloader in the computer world. It's by far my favourite. Well Done - many thanks
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  • После слива приложения Flash Video Downloader (FVD) это - лучшее из всех, что я пробовал. Скачивает видео не только на Youtube или Vimeo, а и на любых малоизвестных сайтах.
    Отдельно скажу про FVD, для тех, кто не знает что это. Оно было прекрасным и замечательным, более удобным, чем AVD... до недавних пор. Потом Firefox заблокировал FVD за проблемы с безопасностью. И в аддонах появилось дополнение с тем же названием, и похожим логотипом. Но его "сайт разработчиков" - какой-то дрянной сайт с флэш-играми. По отзывам пользователей - не работает, зато разрешений при установке требует - практически на всё, что только возможно.
    Так что Ant Video downloader - лучший, на сегодняшний день.
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    Please don't hesitate to contact to our support in case of any problems: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • Really works! Best one avaible.
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  • It's a great extension,and I download the video that I need smoothly. but I think we also need a subtitle-download function,I found it's useless for me to download videos without subtitles. Would you please think about it?
    such as videos on this page: https://affinity.serif.com/zh-cn/tutorials/designer/desktop/
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    Subtitle downloading is a planned feature for the one of nearest AVD major releases.
  • Ant Vidéo Downloader ne fonctionne pas sous linux, j'ai donc perdu du temps à l'essayer avant de m'en rendre compte. Il ne devrait pas être proposé lorsqu'on travail sous linux.
    Please note to extension description, current version of Native Application is only available for Windows for now, macOS and Linux versions are under development.
    Meanwhile you are able to download limited type of streams with current version without Native Application or install previous AVD for supporting all streams.
    Please refer to our Knowledge Base article: https://support.ant.com/help/en-us/1-faq/18-how-to-use-avd-on-macos-and-linux