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  • unreal!!! will download videos from sites no other will!!
    I highly recommend it!
  • No funciona en absoluto. Al parecer hay que retroceder a la versión 57 de Firefox para que esta extensión cumpla con su trabajo. Yo lo he intentado, pero aun así, no he logrado que reconozca ni un solo vídeo. PUEDEN RETIRARLA PORQUE NO FUNCIONA.
  • Doesn't work, fail's persistently.
  • i like the older version better
    Unfortunately legacy AVD is not supported by new Firefox versions.
    Meanwhile all features were maximally ported to the new AVD.
  • Best aps for mozilla.
    We are grateful for your report and rating!
  • top
    Thank your for your report and rating!
  • 比较好用的一个插件
    Thank you!
  • best to use remember the AVD installer must be used with this extention!!
    Thank you for your report and rating!
    AVD installer is used to support streaming downloads.