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  • firefox
  • Used to work beautifully until the FireFox certificate expiration fiasco. Shame.
  • Where did the newest version go?? I know 6.3.1 was the latest, but now it's gone, only old 5.2.5 availible, wtf mozilla?
  • Отремонтируй своё поделие
  • Funciona, faz o que promete, gostei
  • love it! works great when firefox gets out of its way. :-) thank you very much!
  • Sigo viendo los canales que quería bloquear...
  • it doesnt seem to be working anymore
  • Great add on, only problem that i see is that youtube trending wont load thumbnails when this add on is enabled, Other than that, must have add on.
  • 機能しないというレビューが多いですが私の環境ではしっかり働いています。
  • Doesn't work