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  • It does work with Firefox 4, but it's not immediately obvious how to access it. Press "alt" and then you'll see the main Firefox menu bar, and then you can find the "Default User Agent" menu item there.

  • Great add-on. Used it on my firefox 3.6; How do I use it on firefox 4.0? Does it even work on firefox 4.0?

  • Great add-on. Useful when you need it. It would be nice if it had some default ones like it used to.

  • I use this instead: "User Agent RG". Seems to do what this add-on does but with more options.

  • Awesome. Allows a more generic User Agent to minimize tracking ability. Go to http://panopticlick.eff.org/index.php? to see how unique your browser is using various User Agent settings. The more unique your browser info is (higher "1 in xxx" number) = the more trackable, easier to identify a user's activity. And make the prefs.js tweak to retain user agent settings!

  • For all of you need to don't have reset the user agent at firefox start up follow this:
    Search prefs.js on your system and opening with worpad.
    Add this to the last line:
    user_pref("useragentswitcher.reset.onclose", false);
    With that string you don't have reset on user agent after restarting.
    And if after you doing that firefox is not start ( to me and my friends dosn't happens.
    anyway you can repair that deleting that line:

  • not saving settings. therefore it's useless

  • This addon is a great work! It will be absolute perfect if it saves the settings users made. And also with the option for domain-based settings.

  • I add to my review:
    As of today, a strange combination of this addon, plus some themes ( like Stratini ) on Firefox 4.0rc2 totally freeze firefox and crash!
    Very Strange

  • User agents aren't saved when the Firefox profile is saved on a networked hard disk. If you're in that situation, this addon is worthless. Move along until it gets fixed.

  • Very good. Does exactly what it says.

    MUCH BETTER when you install more agent options, available here:


    or directly here:


  • This thing doesn't provide any functionality that can't be achieved by entering about:config in the address bar and filtering by general.useragent.extra.firefox There is a much better addon called HeaderControl. HeaderControl provides domain based user agent switching. (something that has been requested of User Agent Switcher time and time again) This means you can set the addon to send specific user agents to specific websites. Finally!

  • Good add-on to check to see if your website is working correctly with Google, etc.

  • It does exactly what it claims, quite well in fact. It's great for tricking those pesky "Unsupported Browser" pages. The only problem it has is that it changes back to "Default User Agent" each time you start Firefox up.

  • This is on my list of several addons I use for privacy. Simple light and easy to use..

  • Does exactly what it say on the tin.
    Import this xml list:
    Full a full list of user agents for browsers, apps, mobile devices etc.

  • Developer uses every update as an opportunity to open his homepage (some corporate proxies report access to "personal blogs"). Devs need to learn to at least provide an visible option to turn this off.

  • Integrates nicely into the Web Developer Toolbar, but can be placed in any toolbar. Works as advertised!

  • Works as intended, no imcompatibilities with my 60+ other add-ons.

    One problem: I have the icon positioned in my navigation toolbar. Everytime the mouse sweeps over the icon it's dropdown menu opens. This is annoying and distracting. Please fix this so that the dropdown opens only when the icon is clicked., or allow selection of one's preferred action as an option.

  • Thanks loads for FF4 compatibility. Great addon.

  • Could be better if you could set the user agent on a per-site basis. i shouldn't have to change it manually every time. This extension was expeditiously removed once i realized you had to manually make the change for every site.

  • Useful but Id'like to see more options

  • Extremely useful, though it would be nice if it came with more user agent strings out of the box.

    For the iPhone UA in XML you can instantly import into this plugin, see: http://alanhogan.com/tips/iphone_ua

  • To add more than 50 user agents, download http://techpatterns.com/downloads/firefox/useragentswitcher.xml and select "import"! (without the override option!)

  • This utility is awesome, used to not get into rhapsody from windows 7 but after getting this proggy i was able to change the default browser type to IE and default OS to Vista and it works just fine, the devs on some of those pages really need to update their code as necessary (and YES i realize it is beta but already much more stable and responsive than Vista). Tanks Dev!