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Simple and sweet. The best bart is tht you can import a list of user agents, actively maintained in forums.

A request (and it would become 5 star):
The user agent is reset upon restart. Please provide a setting to prevent this.

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User agent switcher works well and is regularly updated.
A very large of user agents can be imported that goes above and beyond the installed list.Larger List of User Agents for import:

or directly at:


Please note 'User Agent Switcher' comes installed with a good list of user agent by default. However, if you want a ton more use the link above.

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May I have a list of User Agent?

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szkoda, że na start mało jest wbudowanych user agentów

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I have FF on Ubuntu, and my Mom's employer has this stupid website that forces to use IE even though the pages render correctly (they redirect to a 'use IE' page by detecting browser agent). It took me 2 minutes to set this up and teach her. This is why I love Firefox, thanks for the 'simple' add-on.

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Great addon!

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But I wish it came bundled with some User-Agent strings. Also, the switcher UI is a little cumbersome.

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it does a good job in most sites ,except the one "m.taobao.com/channel/act/mobile/h5/10nian.html".and chrome works normally with "F12" .it's hard to express express what i mean with my poor english.= =

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Really useful for testing. Unfortunately, I need to some environment sniffing, and the fact that this tool can set both useragent and navigator.platform is great.

navigator.userAgent support is currently broken due to a bug in Firefox, but it looks like that will get fixed in Firefox 22. In the meantime, you can manually go to about:config, set general.useragent.override to what you want, then restart Firefox.

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Excellent add-on on Firefox

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clash with session manager in firefox 20.0.1

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Eine hinterlegte URL fürs Update wäre cool.
Would be cool to have an update-URL included.

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Best extention ever

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great addon - thank you :-)
please provide German translation

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I was unaware that this didn't change JS reporting of agent strings. That explains why it doesn't work at all for some sites.

Please fix.

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This will make server calls show a fake user agent, but has no effect on navigator.userAgent. Good enough if you are just testing server side UA sniffing.

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I would give this one or two more stars apart from one unforgivable problem. It disables the ability to type in the console in firebug. Someone else has noticed this here https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/firebug/4GyC6_2prRQ . Apart from that really well written.

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My ISP have unlimited plans for mobile devices but not for desktops. Still applications like utorrent can use internet but not the Browsers, here comes the role of user agent switcher to spoof the agent. As my mobile (J2ME) cannot run scripts etc I had problems viewing pages in that but with User Agent Switcher I can open them in desktop.

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Süper bir eklenti, çok işime yarıyo gerçekten.

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While it does switch the User Agent, this addon is pretty much useless when testing Mobile webpages. It doesn't detect the size of the screen to switch the view between profile and landscape. Chrome is far superior with it's built in features to switch User Agents. I prefer Firebug in Firefox over Chrome, but testing mobile sites on Firefox is still way behind the game.