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Actually it is an alternative for cload bookmarks.
Only 3 things, that I'd like to propose are: ability to unregister the url, ability to register url not via addon and getting the list of registerd by particular user urls and names.
1. To allow unregistration the user should register the url by 2 components - name (as it is now) and some qualifier (another name)
The url will be reached by name as now, but if user wants to unregister the url, he should provide a qualifier for this url.
This qualifier is like password to allow only the owner to unregister it.
2. To allow url registering on is necessary when the user isn't on his own computer or uses tablet. In these cases he can not register the url via addon, but still is able to copy the url and load the He is also able to paste this url and enter the desired name and qualifier. So, the additional button "Register" in is needed.
Of course, the url registration via addon is more comfortable, but in these case such way is also applicable.
3. To get the list of urls->names the user should open and type the qualifier. The additional button "List" is needed
Thank you

Unregister and use without Add-on already working

Dear Difabor,

thanky you very much for taking your time and give us such a detailed feedback.

Maybe we will improve URLsum in that direction to create user profiles (optional) and personal URLsums. In this case we could also offer to list the users registered URLs and so on. We will see...

What I just like to clarify is:

Since ever you can use URLsum without the Add-on, too.

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To unregister or delete an already registered URL just use the so called "Revocation URL" you get after the registration process. You may find this URL in the bookmarks of your browser, too.

Best regards,