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  • thanks ben er zoooo blij mee een click en hop ben waar ik wil zijn. en zoo

  • I switched to Beta 3 and it won't install - hope you plan on upgrading it - almost ready to switch back to ver 2 - I miss it!
  • Nice option in lieu of Google Toolbar. Looking forward to update for FF 3 (tool broke with 3b3pre 2008011604).

  • Needs mouse wheel support, then it would be perfect!
  • With this add on you can easily navigate even badly designed web sites or automatically generated sites that are not fully linked. I have only been using this add-on a short while but it has already proven its value.

    The only required improvement is to add the uppity button to your toolbar automatically rather than manually.
  • Nice
  • When I first looked at this extension some months ago I couldn't figure out what meaningful use it might have. The Uppity icon sat on my toolbar unused for the longest time until one day, when attempting to view a web site that wouldn't load, I had the idea to get it to do so by going up the directory one level. Just as I was about to manually backspace on the URL I remembered I had an extension that did that sort of thing. What was it? .... oh yeah, Uppity. With a couple of quick clicks I magically had that web site load. Since that time I have used Uppity on numerous occasions, and while it doesn't always work to open stubborn web sites often times it does. Uppity is just another one of those simple add-ons that isn't all that noteworthy when examined individually, but when used in conjunction with dozens of other simple extensions, helps makes Firefox the superior browser it is.