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  • The WE version is no match for the previous XUL version: there's no pop-up menu for fast skipping to any website level. I've reverted to the previous version while Firefox 52 ESR is still supported.

    Edit: I've migrated to Navigate Up WE which works beautifully.
  • When I tried going to the homepage for this add-on
    "Your connection is not secure"
  • Très pratique pour revenir en arrière dans le chemin d'un URL
  • This should be an essential feature in all browsers. Brilliant idea... Cheers!
  • Use it almost daily! You'll find yourself using it in ways you never planned..
  • I use this in Pale Moon 27 as well as Firefox 52, and it works great. It is especially handy when I have my address bar hidden (which I tend to do in PM 27). It really makes navigating through levels of a website so much easier!
  • Olympic gold medal for this add-on. Works always perfect.
  • Used Uppity for 8 years or more.

    Without Uppity the browser can only go back and forward in time (history). With Uppity we can travel up the URL path from where we are in a site to wherever the page URL will let us move up to.

    I install Uppity in every Firefox browser I install and configure. Had no problems with the Uppity and no issues with moving the icon/button around the Firefox toolbar.

    Thank you!
  • Отдал предпочтение Navigate Up 2.2... Хотя как отдельная кнопка мне больше нравится!
  • A sine qua non!

    It's one of my favourites, for the following reasons:
    - It's useful, simple (does one thing and does it well!) and unobtrusive -- beautiful!
    - Adds some Konqueror (KDE's default web browser) behaviour to Firefox: transplants a good idea of one piece of (Open Source) software to another
    - It can be controlled using the keyboard, as well as the mouse
    - It seems to be compatible with all future versions of Firefox (!)
    - It has a nice icon -- as well as an inspired name!

    It would be nice to have it in the context menu as well...
  • It's just a little more useful than Parent Folder, sans favicons.
  • Thanks for a very useful addon!
    Seems to work fine with FF 6.0, no probs at all so far.
  • Just hacked the em:maxVersion in install.rdf in the .xpi (zip) file, added the button back and it's working perfectly.
    Agree with the other reviewers: should be built in, icon style should match, https -> http, keyboard shortcut, (but don't add www - see no-www.org).
  • should be built in firefox just like smart stop reload
  • Please make the icon on the toolbar black just like other Firefox 4 buttons.
  • Works flawlessly & does more than rivals. Its swooshing arrow is just different enough to remind me that it has more functions than the regular up-directory arrows in most file managers & dialogs do here in Linux. (Okay, and I'm very glad it doesn't look like it was plucked from another OS altogether!)
  • I wouldn't want to use firefox without it! If it would fit to the other arrow icons in size and style it would be perfect.