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  • easy to use
  • It was a great add-on but not compactible with Firefox Quantum, hence why one star only.

    PLEASE, PLEASE AND MORE PLEASE, update this add-on.
  • Eines meiner liebsten Addons! Bitte für Quantum Firefox anpassen! Danke!!!!!!
  • This add-on worked as promised... until fx57. Five stars again when the add-on becomes compatible!
  • Porque ela faz download de tudo que é formato de vídeo.
  • This works wonderfully to Unplug videos from websites. Great product, no complaints. Thanks so much!!
  • PLEASE, PLEASEEEE add these two features make work A LOT EASIER.

    - add a column that display size of each file selection UnPlug can find, some files are 0 byte so we can know right away without having to download them and open to check.

    - some sites shows MULTIPLE files when using UnPlug, pls allow option to "select ALL" and check ALL boxes and download ALL instead of having to click each box, its such a simple thing to have yet powerful and save a lot of time.

    aside from that, mostly great.
  • The Add-ON "gets" whatever it is given. Don't blame the developer for low quality audio. The sites you're 'UnPluging' from protect the stream with a low-quality audio, sometimes, not always. Very useful !
  • I was looking a way to grab the embedded videos from pages like tumblr (as they can't be just simply shared). This add-on just do the trick in a few clicks.

    Highly recommended
  • Still the best and easiest to use.
    Works perfecly with YouTube etc.
    The little "fish" icon can be placed in various places using the extensions Options (and customize toolbar).
    Unfortunately integration with Firefox's Down-them-all (DTA) extension is still broken (since FF44).
    But you can still use Unplug to copy the link (from Unplug's dropdown download options). Then just click the + button in DTA Manager (this paste's the link into DTA).
  • There is not way to use it, there is nothing in the tool bar for the add on
  • youtube managed to indirectly block unplug..unplug would need to pull the data from youtube differently. websites claiming to download videos from youtube are up to date ))
  • I mean, not in speed but on "easieness" you just click on uplug and it shows a popup then you choose the video to download or open it in VLAN and even change the name beofre start to downloading. Awesome.
  • This absolutely sucks. You add it. It does nothing.
  • This is the best add on to easily save streaming audio. I love it! Thank you.
  • Still my favorite plugin to get any content from a site! Sadly, the integration with DownThemAll stopped working with FF44
  • works fine for me
  • Downloading doesn't work. Save as dialog pops up but saves nothing.
  • Although this add-on does work well in finding embedded content, its interface is unbearable. There is no such thing as keyboard shortcuts. As if that is not bad enough, you have to make 5 mouse clicks to download ONE of the media files. You have to 1. click the non-intuitive little fish icon way down at the bottom right in the status bar--there is no option to put the icon in the toolbar. Then you 2. click a pulldown menu for the file in order to select a download manager such as DTA. Next, and this is completely counter-intuitive, you 3. click the DownThemAll menu item and you get the standard 'Save As' dialog instead of the expected DTA one. Now 4. click the 'Save' button (or hit 'Enter') to finally download the file with DTA. Get it??? I don't… Now you're stuck with the 'UnPlug' dialog and no keyboard shortcut to close it. Even tabbing doesn't work so you have to 5. click the 'Close' button. If there is more than one file you want to download, you have to go through all 3 clicks again for EACH file--there is no multiple select option.

    What I would expect:

    1. A keyboard shortcut to open and close the initial dialog
    2. An option to put the fish icon (please change that) in the toolbar
    3. A checkbox next to each file to allow selection of multiple files
    4. Keyboard navigation and shortcuts to do everything
    5. Opening the dialog of the download manager as expected
    6. An option to set the default downloader

    You should be able to download multiple files with a few keyboard shortcuts.
  • Can't keep my eyes :)
  • Mostly works. Sometimes doesn't.
  • Option to open in new tab instead of "Open over the current window"
  • Just tried it for a dailymotion vidéo, the video appears on a list but stays grey and cannot be downloaded.
  • I've found it works best with Youtube, but it actually quit on me not too long ago...I dug into matters a little and found several recommendations of beta 2.055 or something similar, so I downloaded it and was back in business before too long. Only thing is, it no longer goes through Firefox's download manager for some reason, so it's anyone's guess as to when it finishes downloading a video...and it has wigged out a couple of times and left me with an incomplete download. All told, though, when it does work, (and it usually does), it's absolute perfection. I especially love being able to put it in the context menu only. Keep up the good work!
  • Перестал работать после обновления до последней версии Mozilla,хотя на предыдущих прекрасно работает.Суть в том, что после выбора файла из списка и нажатии кнопки "скачать" ничего не происходит.Прекрасный плагин,но, вероятно, его нужно немного подстроить...(Убедительная просьба к автору(ам))...С уважением и надеждой.....