Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I'd give this addon 5 stars if not two big flaws:

1) Indeed, compatibility is an issue. When set to allowing defaults, the expected behaviour is not to interfere at all. Instead it conflicts with Session Manager, so e.g. may always load the previous session despite both addons' preferences implying it won't. It's not quite as bad when only 1 tab per window is loaded, and eventually one can find it back in FF config, but it's still annoying. It can corrupt sessions if allowed to, but this one happens when it's told not to do anything.

2) It supports only very crude domain masks in blacklist. However, half of URLs that needs to be blanket-blacklisted are forms and responces to forms, such as "*/login.*", "*/search.php*" and "*/reply.php*". Of course being able to e.g. keep "https://*.domain.net" untouched while "http://*.domain.net" tabs get unloaded rather than blacklisting the whole domain would be nice too.