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  • I click on unload tab and it does nothing at all
  • ...when you go to any tab and right click it appears ''Unload Tab'', but it would be nice if will appear ''Unload All Tabs'', too.
    Keep up the great work, buddy.
  • Press "Unload tab" on tab menu and nothing happens.
  • Smooth but somehow did not release ram for me.
    I use it on nightly. It just replaces tab with a blank one but I did not see any ram released.
    Still I positive about this addon, hoping it gonna work next version. It mean so much to me if it gonna work.
    Anyway thanks for the free work.
  • The addon works great. If you could add a feature to automatically unload tabs by time with a whitelist/blacklist feature it would be 5*+ for me.