A great tool for any UFie who's a board regular. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I'm running version 2.2.3 (click on "View Older Versions" at the bottom of the page to see all versions including newer not yet reviewed ones) and I LOVE it.

In addition to a few bug fixes since 2.1.1, including the mixed case ID9K links one which messes up YouTube ID9Ks, there are many great new features.
Features like highlighting subjects/users on old boards, adding break tags to posts, automatically creating links from URLs, and specifying colors for different subjects and usernames.

The newest added feature (2.2.3) is specifying colors for different subjects and usernames and it's great. I can highlight UFicle/UFiecle in green, my username in the subject as red*, and specify any other users and subjects any way I want.

I Highly Recommended this Firefox Addon/Extension.


*For highlighting your own username in a subject as a different color than default you should
Uncheck "Highlight my username" under "Highlight specified subjects" and then set your username as a subject string with your chosen color
Leave "Highlight my username" under "Highlight specified subjects" checked and then change the default subject highlighting color to the one you would like subjects with your username to appear in and then change your specified subject strings to some other color(s)

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.2.3).